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Getting It Out Of The Way…


Happy Thanksgiving to you too!  Good to see you.

Oh, thanks!  Yeah, it’ll be 7 years in July.

I know, it doesn’t seem that long to us either.

Yeah, well you know, it’s been fun.  Time flies as they say.

Oh, what was that?

No, none yet.

Well, we were getting our degrees first.

And the finances together.

And working on careers.

Well, sure we want them.

Yeah, probably next year.

Well, we’re working on it.

No, I have fertility issues.

Oh, that’s alright, you didn’t know.

Really?  I have a friend who went through it too.  Thanks for sharing your friend’s/coworker’s/cousin’s business with me, though.  I’ll think of her and how she finally got pregnant the next time I’m in the waiting room.

No, thank you for sharing your advice.  I hadn’t heard any of it before.


You get home safe.

See you at Christmas!





“Can someone make another nog run?”


I’m not sure how many other women are sufferers of menorrhagia.  I’m not sure how many other women hold this frustrating condition to themselves.  Just about the only thing I am sure of is how much I hate it.

As open and honest as I am with most things on this blog, there are some parts that I just can’t formulate into words.

Let’s see, can I provide a visual?

Photobucket (more…)

The Perks of Parenthood?

I’ve been working in education and childcare, officially and unofficially, for the past twelve years.  Aside from my personal love of books, it is what drove me to become a a youth services librarian.  My interest and love for youth engagement and academic achievement is something that is behind most every decision and viewpoint that I have.  Because of this, it is often even rougher to not be a parent. Rougher still when people make distinctions.

It is the conundrum of being Parental, but not a Parent.

In three different situations last week, I was faced with the sometimes blunt dismissal and division of the childless, child”free”, etc.  I figured I should explore them.  So here we go: (more…)

Random Thoughts…

Some things on my mind today.  You may or may not agree or like them.  But then…this is my blog, right?  Right.
My list:
  • My Husband turned 30 this week. (Happy Birthday Dude!)…and with that birthday went any possibility of his being a dad “in his 20’s”.
  • I’m sure that in the top 12 thoughts of all people who discover their infertility, is the phrase: “And to think of all the money I spent on condoms!”Photobucket (more…)

How I Came By My Dog…and what I learned from her.

The great IF can be extremely lonely.  Even for those of us fortunate enough to have a supportive partner or spouse, it can often feel like one of the most isolating experiences one has ever had the misfortune of enduring.  For my husband and I, it sometimes became more divisive when we were actively “trying” than when we were casually planning.  He felt like I was obsessing, and I felt like he wasn’t obsessing enough.   Eventually, things just get to a real low point.

Two years ago, we hit that point.

Try as he might, and he did try, my poor dude just couldn’t cheer me up.  I was uncomfortable in my own skin and unhappy with the amount of failures that were piling up for us reproductively.  And as cliche as it seems, I was suddenly overcome with the desire to take care of something.  To feel important and necessary.

We went out looking for a dog. (more…)

Private Parts

Back when I was still engaged, a fellow bride shared some wisdom from one of her elder family members.   It was a list of things every new wife should do to keep house.   There, nestled alongside gems like “Never go to bed angry”, was this little nugget,

“Your husband should never know when you are having your feminine time.  Keep those things private!”

Oh really?  Well whoopdee freakin do.  What stellar advice.  With tips like these, who needs Dear Abby? (more…)

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