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Decisions and Pathways


It’s been so long since I’ve had a plan, that I’m not even sure how to execute one anymore. LOL

I believe I’ve come to an actual decision about where to go from here.  My mind was jumbled and it was leading me down that dark alleyway we call depression.  Anyone who has stepped foot into the IF arena knows that depression is counterproductive to say the least. In trying to find solutions to the brain-cloud that was following me around, I decided that I need to be as organized and color-coded as a kindergarten teacher!  The way I see it, being on top of my demands will help clear my head of clutter.  So that’s my plan.

Anybody else have to treat themselves like a 4 yr-old to get things done?  Anybody?  Anybody? Bueller?

Okay FINE, so it’s just me!?

Whatever.  You guys are gonna admit it when you leave.  I know you will.

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Musical Therapy: You Are My Man


As usual, I’m looking at something that has nothing to do with infertility when something drives itself home. This time, it was Tyler Perry’s newest play “Madea’s Big Happy Family…

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Our lovable and honest Belle is back with a message from her recovery room and a lesson on Metformin, Synthroid and learning how our meds work…

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Do Not Lose Weight to Get Pregnant


Warning: I’m going to use the word HATE, a lot in this post. I HATE being told what to do. I hate seeing weight in the top list of things that cause infertility. I hate that it is something I cannot seem to get a handle on…

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How Bad Do You Want It?


First post of the year.  Time out for bullshit, Eggshells.  About ten months ago, a doctor told me to lose 30 lbs and THEN she would renew my Clomid prescription.  At this point in the journey, I had already taken a round of Clomid about six months…

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Out Now Damned Spot!


I just don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.- Mr. Garrison – South Park Bigger Longer and UncutFor me personally, this entire situation sometimes really just pisses me off. I could write a frilly note on how it is frustrating, but more women go through…