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Hiding in Plain Sight


Long time no blog.

I know. *slaps own hand*  “Bad Blogger!”  But come on in, have a seat…


If you hang with me on Facebook and Twitter, then you know I haven’t really left, but that I’ve just been extremely more quiet about what is going on inside my own journey.    There’s good reason, I promise.  

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Stop the Ride, I Wanna Get Off.


Let me hip you to something I’ve been keeping silent for a while out of embarrassment, frustration, and a self-destructive need to make sure no one sees the kinks in my armor: I’m tired as hell…

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Sh*t Just Got Real


You know how you visit a casino already knowing that the house always wins, but get pissed anyway when you lose? Yeah, that just happened. Finally, an actual infertility diagnosis…

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Second (or fifth) Verse, Same as the First


I’ve decided to drink wine this evening.

Yellow Tail makes a charming Merlot.  A Merlot that has helped a bit.  I plan to be at ease by the time I reach the latter half of it.  Today warranted that sort of planning.

You see, basically, I got the same “news” today that I’ve gotten before:

Say it with me now: “There is NOTHING gynecologically wrong.”


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Private Parts


Back when I was still engaged, a fellow bride shared some wisdom from one of her elder family members.   It was a list of things every new wife should do to keep house.   There, nestled alongside gems like “Never go to bed angry”, was this little nugget,

“Your husband should never know when you are having your feminine time.  Keep those things private!”

Oh really?  Well whoopdee freakin do.  What stellar advice.  With tips like these, who needs Dear Abby?

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Books and Babies, Babies and Books


I know, I know, I’ve been away.

Sorry about that.  Life was doing all kind of life-like things.  First things first, I finished my Masters degree.  I am now officially a degreed Librarian.Photobucket {get it Kermie}

Not more than three days later, I became an EMPLOYED librarian when I was offered a teen services position at a local library.Photobucket {get it again, Mr.Frog}

And in the midst of all that was Mother’s Day and volunteering and a slew of other busywork.  But if you hang out with me on Facebook or Twitter, then you know I didn’t just leave you hanging.  However, I have been completely void of posting blogs.  Je m’excuse!