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Breaking the Silence

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On Target…and other self-torture.


Target and I have a somewhat friendly competition we’re in.So, I love Target.  I don’t know what it is about that place, but when I see those red shopping carts, and that welcoming bullseye, I think the cares of the world fall off my shoulders and I…

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Mission In Progress. The Egg’s 5th Birthday!


It’s Tuesday.  And around here, Tuesdays are RealTalkTuesdays.  Today, though, there’s more than just the normal affirmations on my mind.  Today, I’m thinking about the five years that have gone past as this blog has grown, and just how monumental it actually is.Five years ago, when…

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Heart Attack.


Everything that I believed about myself has been called into question as I walk through this.But I’ve said all this before. So why am I sharing it right now?Quite simply, because someone needs to hear it…