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Long Pause…


Stop. Go. Sometimes, just wait. My IVF consult doesn’t go quite as planned…

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Pebbles & Mustard Seeds


Because if I haven’t learned in this infertility battle, I’ve learned that NOTHING on this journey can be simple for me. NOTHING. But not simple, can still be okay…

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Relentless: Earning My Infertility Theme Music


I mean, if you really look at this thing, and some of the moves we have to make, infertility fighters deserve our own theme music.Some of us are doing more with our day before we even get to work, than others will do all week. Go ahead, toot your…

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Real Talk


I’m gonna say a shitload of things.

Now, before I start on them, I want you to remember these four words okay:

I’m Not Going Anywhere

No matter how it sounds.

No matter what you think I’m trying to say.

At the end of this post, I want you to go back and remind yourself that I already told you those four words.



Now, let’s talk.