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Originally Published 12.31.10 @ 9:56am

Habari Ghani?!

Nia & Kuumba!

Kwanzaa day five(yesterday) was Nia, which means Purpose.  As we walk the tightrope of fertility feelings, this is the  thought that may become hardest to pinpoint.  While I was totally perturbed yesterday when my server wouldn’t let me get my post out to you, as I thought about today’s principle, I realized that it was probably a divine,…well,… purpose, that may have led to that delay.

Today’s principle is Kuumba which means creativity.  As I thought about the combination of Nia and Kuumba, I was stuck for a moment as I tried to think about how these two principles have affected my journey.  I grasped the concept of Nia instantly because if there is anything that I have eventually come to terms with, it is my purpose in this journey.  I have come to believe wholeheartedly that the reason for my issues with fertility, are rooted in my being here for you.  I feel that I deal with this issue so that I can help you deal with yours.  That thought gives me peace.

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BBE Rewind: The Fertile Kwanzaa: Ujima!


Day three of my Fertile Kwanzaa series really gets me to thinking. Here’s a reflective and personal look at how Ujima is what The Broken Brown Egg is all about…

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BBE Rewind: A Fertile Kwanzaa?


Originally Published 12.27.2010 8:13 pm


Happy Kwanzaa! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas!  I had a restful one, for a change, with much less stress from running around as it usually entails.  As for this week, I’m going to try and and fill it with as much activity and peace as I possibly can.  To help me with that, I am going to be celebrating Kwanzaa with a twist this year.

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Take Comfort. Fear Not.


The idea of being told to take comfort, when clearly all the alarms are ringing, feels like insanity.But then I started to really focus on the words.TAKE comfort…

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Musical Therapy: Ledisi – This Christmas


So many songs are written as love songs but can very well fit into an infertility playlist.  While some of them bring tears to my eyes, they are also healing for me.  I’ve decided to start sharing those gems with you guys.  First up on my list, and perfect…