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Real Talk


I’m gonna say a shitload of things.

Now, before I start on them, I want you to remember these four words okay:

I’m Not Going Anywhere

No matter how it sounds.

No matter what you think I’m trying to say.

At the end of this post, I want you to go back and remind yourself that I already told you those four words.



Now, let’s talk.

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Hiding in Plain Sight


Long time no blog.

I know. *slaps own hand*  “Bad Blogger!”  But come on in, have a seat…


If you hang with me on Facebook and Twitter, then you know I haven’t really left, but that I’ve just been extremely more quiet about what is going on inside my own journey.    There’s good reason, I promise.  

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Three Booktalks!


Alright, so I missed a couple days…I know, bad me.So, lucky for you, I’ve included THREE stories for you.  Books about grandfamilies, foster care and other family building options are in today’s video!For one of the books, I didn’t have the book on…

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So, I was searching for stock photos for my next blog, and I got so sidetracked by what I found, I had to stop and blog about that instead.  I did a search for royalty-free images of adoption and guess what I found? Out of the 8 pages of…