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Random Thoughts on Infertility…Submitted by a BBE Friend

Random Thoughts on Infertility

It’s complicated!
It’s personal and yet not so personal!
It’s scary!
It is a fight to fill a space that your spirit demands be filled.
We need to talk about it, empower ourselves, empower each other … come out the dayum closet!
My daughter will know her journey to me, my journey to her, our journey to each other.
What I know about my body now, I never knew!
Learn your body … LEARN YOUR BODY!
Your doctor is your choice, don’t like what you’re hearing, move on!
Keep trying! <– You have my permission to slap the next person who tells you that in regards to SEX! Yeah I said it! Oh and slap the person who wants to “direct you on the positions in which to do it”, heck, slap them twice. What are you waiting for, you’re not getting any younger … oh these gems were wonderful to hear on a regular basis. >yup, insert slaps for them too<
GET TOUGH! You had better develop a tough exterior for the road ahead, what, do you think motherhood is easy?
Yes I’ve claimed it for you, claim it for yourself.
Don’t visit the land of “woe is me” with luggage, if you have to go there, make your visit quick, you’ll need that energy for more positive things.
CELEBRATE OTHERS, that opens you to receiving your own victories.
Laugh, cry, shout, dance and whatever you do PRAY!
God is so amazing, imagine what He already has in store for you and claim the victory!

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