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Originally Published 12.31.10 @ 9:56am

Habari Ghani?!

Nia & Kuumba!

Kwanzaa day five(yesterday) was Nia, which means Purpose.  As we walk the tightrope of fertility feelings, this is the  thought that may become hardest to pinpoint.  While I was totally perturbed yesterday when my server wouldn’t let me get my post out to you, as I thought about today’s principle, I realized that it was probably a divine,…well,… purpose, that may have led to that delay.

Today’s principle is Kuumba which means creativity.  As I thought about the combination of Nia and Kuumba, I was stuck for a moment as I tried to think about how these two principles have affected my journey.  I grasped the concept of Nia instantly because if there is anything that I have eventually come to terms with, it is my purpose in this journey.  I have come to believe wholeheartedly that the reason for my issues with fertility, are rooted in my being here for you.  I feel that I deal with this issue so that I can help you deal with yours.  That thought gives me peace.

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Thank You in Advance


The very first day that I mentioned hosting a fundraiser for Infertility Awareness on this blog, was about a year ago.  From that time, I’ve received support and collaboration from the most unexpected places.  There have been some very high moments, and some low points.  In my personal life…

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Are You and Your Partner on the Same Page?


You have to put on the big girl panties for infertility.  I’m sorry, that’s just the way it is. So, I went to Walmart for you.Here’s a pair,Sometimes you’ll want to cry.Sometimes you’ll want to fight.I hope to always be honest…

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Cultural Interpretations


There is a lot to be said for activists.  They have to be willing to speak when everyone else wants to be quiet.  They have to be willing to stand up when everyone else wants to rest.  They have to be willing to stifle the part of themselves that wants…