It’s not enough to look good in your clothes.

So, I’ve always been a big girl. Not necessarily HUGE, but I damn sure wasn’t a cheerleader. Again, this is something that isn’t altogether unheard of in the black community. Our community glorifies big butts and smiles. We talk all the time about down home cooking and grandmama recipes and we proclaim skinny bitches to […]


The Waiting Game – Submitted Anonymously

The following was submitted anonymously by a great and loving friend of mine who graciously shared her story with us. Thank you to my special Broken Brown Eggshell! The Waiting Game I am 37 years old, married for 3 years, and we have no children. We have been on the journey towards motherhood for 2 […]


Appropriate Questions and Responses

Birth Control? (Metformin, Prenatal Viatmins, Birth Control Pills) Since I’ve taken up this campaign, I’ve had countless friends and family members ask “Oh my gosh, Regina, are you saying these things because of me?” To them and everyone else, “NO!” LOL That is precisely the reason I’m opening up this dialogue! The problem in our […]


Unspoken Offenses

“So when are YOU two gonna have kids?” “Ummm, I dreamed of fish last night, girl, your turn is right around the corner.” Etc. These are common conversations, right? And what are the usual responses?“Oh, we’re waiting on our careers to stabilize.”or“Hey, you never know.”or even,“You know, we’re just enjoying being by ourselves right now, […]

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