Open Letters…Dear God.

Dear God, I think you put the wrong uterus in here. Signed,You can send me replacements in the mail and I’ll send these back in the return envelope.

The Selfishness of Neccessity

Close your eyes. Now, while they’re closed, I want you to map out the way you got to your locker everyday in high school. Got it? Okay, now, I want you to visualize what you would do when you got to your locker. Did you put books away, take them out? What was on the […]

Since we were on the topic…

So, yesterday I told you guys about Hostile Cervical Mucus and how it can attack sperm. Well, there are some other battles that poor little sperm has to overcome to try and catch the egg. I know, you could have gone your whole life without knowing any of this, but hey, it is what it […]

You Have to Break a Few Eggs to Make an Omelet

New name, new attitude, new push. I want so much to provide an honest and important space. It is so needed that I don’t want to mess up. So, I was spreading the word today about the new web address and a friend of mine actually said something that paused me. She said the new […]

I didn’t walk alone…submitted by Monette, a friend of The Broken Brown

The following was submitted by a friend of the BBE. It gives a glimpse into her struggle with infertility and gives a brief definition of another unknown hurdle, Hostile Cervical Mucus. The Broken Brown thanks and salutes you Moe!************************************************************************************I didn’t walk alone … On July 8, 2005 my walk turned into a run. It was […]

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