Opening The Door On - Infertility and Depression

Opening The Door On…Infertility & Depression

The following is an anonymous submission for The Egg’s 2015 National Infertility Awareness Week Blog Project, #BehindClosedDoors. This brave and powerful entry is one that will resonate with many, and one that I had to share. THANK YOU to the Eggshell who sent it in, because she could be saving someone’s life with it.

Adoption Option copy

The Adoption Option: My Visit To The Cradle

Recently, I was invited to visit The Cradle’s “Gale and Ardythe Sayers Center for African American adoption”, on behalf of The Egg. I had a really great time not only learning about the history of this great resource, but also just having a good “you get it” convo.

On Target

On Target…and other self-torture.

Target and I have a somewhat friendly competition we’re in. So, I love Target.  I don’t know what it is about that place, but when I see those red shopping carts, and that welcoming bullseye, I think the cares of the world fall off my shoulders and I start to envision a better apartment to […]

I matter blog feature

Grey Matter

I did not sleep last night.
I did pray, however. And the most poignant message that came to me in that time of meditation was this: “I MATTER.”

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