Check This Out

So Check This Out…

Music I’ve heard at the fertility center while preparing for ultrasounds over the past few weeks: We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off by Jermaine Stewart ;If You Want My Body by Rod Stewart. Here’s some other updates of where we are so far.

Getting to Go

Getting to Go Time.

My mom always says, “You have to have yourself in order, even if nothing is moving forward, because when God finally says “Go”, it’s gonna move SO fast, you have to be ready.” She’s right, you know. We’re FINALLY moving forward with our IVF.

Opening The Door On - Parenting After Infertility

Opening The Door on…Parenting After Infertility

The following is an anonymous submission for The Egg’s 2015 National Infertility Awareness Week Blog Project, #BehindClosedDoors. Most people assume that this is all about babies. Not many people stop to think about what takes place after the babies are born. Does the doubt ever go away? The fear? Not for many.

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