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Giveaway: Win a Free Spermcheck Fertility Monitor

SpermCheck Slider

While much of a woman’s journey into fertility treatments is invasive and frustrating, there has to be something said for the guys who have to endure their own little corner of TMI. Aside from the stereotypical machismo and pride associated with men having their fertility checked, there is also the embarrassing and intrusive aspect of having to visit a doctor’s office to have their sperm collected and checked.  Fear of the results themselves, and the actions necessary to receive them, could leave some couples waiting much longer than they need to.

So I am super excited to offer a way around that.  The SpermCheck Fertility Monitor is a private, easy, and convenient home sperm count test, and I’m pleased to announce that the good people at Fairhaven health have given me a free one to pass along to one of you!

The test is super easy to take.  Here’s the quick rundown:

  • Collect a sample in the cup provided, and let it sit for at least 20 minutes.
  • Using the transfer device(syringe) provided, stir the sample 10 times, pull the plunger back and collect the sample till you get to the black line on the tube.
  • Transfer the sample into the solution provided.
  • Let sit for 2 minutes
  • Open the testing tray, drop 6 drops onto the opening marked with “S”
  • Wait 7 minutes and read your results!

That’s it.  A positive result indicates that the sperm count is above 20 million sperm per milliliter, while a negative result signifies that the count is under the 20 million sperm per milliliter threshold, and you may want to schedule a follow-up test with your doctor.  Don’t panic!  The doctors will do that same thing even if you’d have taken their test first and gotten similar results.

Today is my birthday, but I feel like giving presents rather than receiving them, so get in on this giveaway!  I want to help you break down another barrier to your success.

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Thank You in Advance

The very first day that I mentioned hosting a fundraiser for Infertility Awareness on this blog, was about a year ago.  From that time, I’ve received support and collaboration from the most unexpected places.  There have been some very high moments, and some low points.  In my personal life, things have taken more dips and turns than a trip to Six Flags.  Yet, the importance of this mission…for someone out there who needs it more than anything, has kept me moving.

Tomorrow night, at our first annual gala, the following video will be played as a slideshow tribute.  I am debuting it today, because I felt an enormous sense of gratitude for each and every person who visits this blog, interacts with us on Facebook, or just supports the mission of The Egg.  I could NOT have gotten this far, without you.  There were so many great statements collected via our Facebook page, so many in fact that there was just no more room.  I THANK everyone who participated, and will be finding a way to highlight those messages as well.

Anyway, I haven’t slept yet…and I’m rambling. LOL  So without further stall…

THANK YOU.  From The Egg and I.

Create your own video slideshow at

Ask and it shall be given…

We are TEN days away from our first annual A.H.A. Moment.
TEN days away from my first venture into entertaining and education.
TEN days away from great food, Wonderful guests, and a dance your socks off experience.
And I have to admit…I don’t want anyone to miss out.

So when a concerned guest from out of town realized that she and her husband wouldn’t be able to make it, she was VERY interested in allowing someone else to come in her place. Two tickets were donated in her honor. I was speechless as I thought about the fact that someone could get the chance to participate with us who perhaps couldn’t have done so before.
I wanted to do more but feasibly couldn’t see how.   So we hosted a contest last week to ensure that someone who wanted to come to the party, would definitely be able to. Congratulations are in order for Nichelle!!

She won two tickets and a special prize yesterday when the random generator drew her name.

Then just as I was about to go into a money-crunching frenzy to figure out a way to help more people attend, two more of my very special sisters donated more ticket costs!
SO, to the other three ladies who entered the drawing…I hope you have a pretty dress in your closet!!! You win tickets as well! So, Selina, and Mary, I’ll see you next Friday!! And Brandi, I hope your hubby has a suit, because you just won his ticket!!

I’m so excited. Are you?
If you can’t make it to our event, but would like to support, please visit and consider making an Epiphany donation. There is no minimum amount and every little bit helps.
If you WOULD like to attend, or know of someone who really does, send me an email, you never know where a blessing is going to come from. I didn’t, and neither did the four special people just blessed.

Win a Ticket to the 2010 A.H.A Gala

SmileyThe generosity and care of a couple great people has humbled me today.  Through a very thoughtful donation, I am pleased to offer our friends and readers a chance to WIN a ticket to our AHA gala!  This is the easiest contest, I swear.  All we’re asking for is your name and that you post or tweet about the upcoming event.  That’s it!  In the form below, please fill in your name and in the “Contest Entry” box, tell me where you posted news of the gala.

The winner will be drawn next Monday.  GOOD LUCK!!!  Hope to see you in three weeks!Smiley

Excited Yet!? The Gala’s almost here!

The last time I had a countdown staring me in the face this hard, was in 2005 as my wedding drew near.  Now, five years and two months later, I’m just as excited and anxious.  The gala, as of today, is TWENTY-ONE days away!  Excuse me while I clown:

Get Happy!


*adjusts clothing*

Sorry about that, had to get it out.

This event has been a metaphor for infertility in many ways for me.  Where I haven’t been able to plan my family, the gala has been pulled together by me at every turn.  Where things aren’t always as simple as they “should” be with having a child, things are often just as frustratingly uneventful with ticket sales and support.  In all, as I’ve said before, I’ve felt as though I got a bit of my power back by hosting this advocacy event.  And just as with infertility, I’ve gained supporters and friends, the same can be said about the gala.

If you haven’t gotten your ticket, or donated yet, and if getting all dressed up and snazzy isn’t reason enough, please give me a few seconds to make it plain why you should get on board immediately!

5. Amazing gifts and auction items in store.  Such as:

Artwork by Floyd Atkins

A Sensual Dance Package provided by Curvy Diva Fitness

A Private Wine Tasting provided by Wines for Humanity

and more….

4. Great food in a great venue.  Food for this event will be provided by Corky’s Catering, a mainstay in the Chicago Catering community and some of the best food and service you’ve ever experienced.  I mean, just at the meeting to go over the menu I was floored, so I know you will be too.  We will be dining underneath a 65ft. skylight in the urban chic Loft on Lake.

3. Fantastic entertainment!  I mean, seriously, this is going to be one for the record books where entertainment goes:  There will be dancing after dinner with music provided by Sekou Productions and the vastly talented DJ Ope-Ski, formerly of the “Know Your Heritage” game show.  However, before all of that, we will be treated to a performance by the Chicago Contemporary Dance Theater.

2. Great guests and informative supporters.  To name just a few of our invited and confirmed guests and sponsors:

and others!

1. And finally, the most important reason…The proceeds from this event will be donated to the Tinina Q. Cade Foundation and their Family Building grants.  THIS is the part that moves my heart.  To really get it, one has to realize that the money these families get through the grants, will help bring a family together.  That is amazing when you really think about it.  Your ticket or donation could literally build a family.  WOW.  If that’s not a kick in the teeth of infertility, I don’t know what is.

I know you’re just as excited as I am.  If you haven’t gotten your ticket already, I do hope that you will consider not only the great time we’ll have, but also the importance of the cause and do so today!  If you can’t make it to Chicago, but would still like to donate, that is welcome as well.  We will use your ticket for someone who wishes to attend and support but simply can’t afford it.

Thanks for always being such amazing supporters.  I value each and every one of you.  Hope to hug you personally in 21 days!

Pre~Seed Giveaway!!!

Exactly a year ago this past Friday I discussed a product that was being marketed as the first lubricant made specifically to protect sperm.  I find it extremely cool that this very same product will be The Egg’s FIRST GIVEAWAY!  That’s right, I am giving away a brand new, fresh from the company, box of Pre~Seed personal lubricant!!!

Go ahead, do a happy dance.
I’ll wait.

Okay, so let me give you the breakdown on why Pre~Seed is so beneficial to those trying to conceive. Sexual interaction specifically to get knocked up, can lead to anxiety, which can in turn lead to dryness and discomfort between partners. We’re in the lubricated age, so you’d think that this is a problem that can be easily rectified. However, what I bet you didn’t know was that most lubricants and even saliva
can harm sperm. Talk about your counter-productivity. Not only are these lubricants damaging to sperm, but they can be abrasive to human cells and even the (good)bacteria found in women!

Pre~Seed however, was developed and formulated by an Andrologist(men’s health specialist), and based on the “physiologic requirements of sperm”…whoa.

For a breakdown of which lubricants are the most harmful, check out this briefing of the Microbicide conference in Pittsburgh. Quick Highlight: Pre~Seed and Wet Platinum were the safest lubricants, Astroglide was the most toxic to cells, and KY Jelly had the worst effect on the good bacteria, essentially wiping them out.

I’ve heard some great testimonies all over the web, and from my friends over at ChocolateBrides, who SWEAR by this product and hold the infants to prove it.  LOL  So, thank you Pre~Seed and INGfertility for sponsoring this great giveaway.

SO, now that all that’s out of the way, here are the ways to enter the contest:
1. Follow @BrokenBrownEgg on Twitter or join us on Facebook and leave me a comment here to let me know!

2. Dedicate a status or tweet to The Egg’s A.H.A. Gala! Be sure to add the link to the gala site and use the @ before our name so that I see your post. (We’re @THEbrokenbrownegg on Facebook, but just @BrokenBrownEgg on Twitter) Leave me a comment here and tell me where to go see it.

3. For a bonus chance to win, post a tweet or status about  infertility or African American Reproductive Health and (you guessed it), come leave me a comment telling me where to find it.

Here’s an example:

“Help TheBrokenBrownEgg give the gift of family at their first annual gala.”

The contest ends on Sunday, July 25 at 8pm CST and the winner will be posted on Monday, July 26th!
GOOD LUCK and thanks for supporting us!


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