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The Lovers The Dreamers And Me


When I was at my lowest, I found it very hard to dream. Hope was at a small, small level in my heart. Dreaming, however, put me back on track to move forward. I want the same for you. And if we can enlighten the world to what WE go…

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Thank You in Advance


The very first day that I mentioned hosting a fundraiser for Infertility Awareness on this blog, was about a year ago.  From that time, I’ve received support and collaboration from the most unexpected places.  There have been some very high moments, and some low points.  In my personal life…

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Ask and it shall be given…


We are TEN days away from our first annual A.H.A. Moment.TEN days away from my first venture into entertaining and education.TEN days away from great food, Wonderful guests, and a dance your socks off experience.And I have to admit…I don’t want anyone to…

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Can’t Hold It In: A Sneak Peak at the Auction!


Really quickly, because I’m giddy, I wanted to share with our readers who may not visit us on Facebook, a quick peek at one of our auction items. This gift set comes courtesy ofan AMAZING adoption resource licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Virginia and Connecticut…

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Win a Ticket to the 2010 A.H.A Gala


The generosity and care of a couple great people has humbled me today.  Through a very thoughtful donation, I am pleased to offer our friends and readers a chance to WIN a ticket to our AHA gala!  This is the easiest contest, I swear.  All we’re asking for is…