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Thank You Shutterfly copy

I just wanted to publicly commend for their AWESOME customer service and sensitivity.

This morning, I received an email from them saying “Congratulations” on your new addition, with a suggestion that I order “Thank You” cards to mark the occasion.Congratulations! Shop Thank You Cards.

It threw me off, but then my whole inbox these days is pretty “stick a needle into the skin behind my fingernail” crazy, so it didn’t really phase me all that much.  I just deleted it with all the Mother’s and Father’s Day emails that I’ve accumulated this week so far.

Well fast forward to this evening…I was cleaning out my once-again full inbox and found this very sweet, and VERY compassionate note:


I am going to write them a note of gratitude for “Getting it”, because many wouldn’t.  If you’d like to join me, please do!  So often we have to address the issues of people and organizations not understanding the feelings and emotional turmoil of those dealing with family-building barriers, so I think it is a joyful opportunity to finally address someone for doing something RIGHT.

Thank you Shutterfly!


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