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A Special Shout-Out


A while back, I received this awesome email:

 My name is Kelly and I am a science teacher. I teach science and biology in our high school. A few of my summer students came across your site while researching for their current research project on topics related to fertility and reproductive health.

Some of my students found other pages during their research that if I may suggest, would be a perfect addition to this page and your site. I continued my bonus program from earlier this year for my summer classes to take advantage of. I wanted them to take a little extra time in doing research and bringing all of their findings to me for bonus points. In this situation if they find other resources that will make a site I have approved more resourceful, they receive added bonus points.

Here are the sites that some of my students found:

(Male Infertility) –
(Generic Information)-
(Female Infertility)-

I do hope my students’ suggestions are useful additions to this page and the site. Thank you again for your time with this page and for reading my email. My students will be excited to hear your decision regarding the use of their suggestions. Bonus points will only be awarded upon appropriate use of their suggestions.

When I say that I was fall-out-of-my-chair ecstatic,…I am not lying.  I was so happy to see that there was a teacher who realized the importance of even talking to students about this subject that I was practically in tears.  With updating the site, and moving things around a bit, and starting a new job, and getting ready for our two events, I totally slacked on getting these links added to our suggested resources.  To make up for that, I felt it was important to honor Kelly and her class with their own dedicated post.

Thank you Kelly, for getting your kids thinking about something that they hopefully will never be personally affected by, but should be aware of.  I truly hope that this one assignment will be something that will gently call to them in times where they are making choices and plans for their own reproductive and sexual lives. This was an awesome assignment.

To the students:

Thank you for your suggestions!  As a librarian, I’m glad to see that you chose resources from reputable websites and organizations such as Stanford and Harvard.  The information about male and female infertility was an extremely good find!  For the third link, I think your better bet for information would have been to visit which is The National Infertility association or which is the American Fertility Association.  By visiting either of these sites, you will gain access to some amazing general information from doctors and organizations I trust.

I hope that you all learned some invaluable information from this assignment.  The idea of infertility and sterility is something that many young adults just aren’t told about and don’t really think about.  Now, you are no longer in that group.

If you ever have anything else you find that you’d like to share with me here, know that you’re more than welcome!



Regina Townsend is the primary author and founder of TheBrokenBrownEgg. A librarian and writer, Regina’s mission is to make people aware and active about the unique concerns of reproductive health in the minority community.

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