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Three Booktalks!


Alright, so I missed a couple days…I know, bad me.

So, lucky for you, I’ve included THREE stories for you.  Books about grandfamilies, foster care and other family building options are in today’s video!

For one of the books, I didn’t have the book on hand, but I do have some pics for you!  So, since I’m behind,..I’m gonna shut up and let the vlog do the talkin!

Hope and Will have a baby

Byrne, Gayle, and Mary Haverfield. Sometimes It’s Grandmas and Grandpas, Not Mommies and Daddies. New York: Abbeville Kids, 2009. Print.
Celcer, Iréné, and Horacio Gatto. The Gift. Niskayuna, N.Y.: Graphite, 2009. Print.
Nelson, Julie, and Mary Gallagher. Kids Need to Be Safe: a Book for Young Children in Foster Care.Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Pub., 2006. Print.
Free Spirit Publishing



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